Terms and Conditions


  • Prices are valid until November 15, 2010
  • The fixed prices apply for ANY category-room, airline seat and coach seat AVAILABLE on booking dates of the cardholder.
  • Prices are only for cardholders of the following credit card issuers in the Philippines
    • EastWest Bank
    • EWB-AIG
    • HSBC
    • MetroBank
    • Diners Club International and Security Bank MasterCard
    • UnionBank
    • Banco De Oro
  • All bookings and finalization must be at least 10 days before departure.

The transaction must be within available credit limit and subject to approval by the credit card issuer's Authorizations department.

  • The Credit Card holder must be part of the traveling party. If the credit card holder is not part of the traveling party, the cardholder must make an over-the-counter purchase at CNM Travel Tours at 211 Robelle Mansion, 877 JP Rizal Avenue, Makati City. The cardholder must also present a valid ID.
  • The minimum installment price is Php5,000.00
  • Packages are payable within 6 months at 0% interest.


  1. To avail, the cardholder must visit Booking Page and make a reservation on-line.
  2. The Merchant, CNM Travel & Tours, will complete the booking requirements and will contact the Cardholder within 12 hours (10am to 7pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm on Saturdays) by email with attached details of the reservation on a printable Mail-Order-Form.
  3. The Cardholder must print and sign the Order Form and email (payinstallment@gmail.com) or fax (02-8972771) back to CNM Travel within 24 hours in order to complete the reservation.
  4. Vouchers and Tickets will be sent through email of the cardholder.

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