Boracay Island Guide

Boracay Island...What better escape is there for the mind and soul than a thriving island that mixes its romantic scenery with fun traditional or modern activities? Dotted with coconut palm trees, coves and of course its famous white sand beaches, Boracay Island is a dream paradise for anyone looking to relax. Greeting the traveler with glistening waters and white sand beaches it just beckons one’s soul to true escape.

But if you’re wondering how to get around the island or just what there is to Boracay, then this site is perfect for you. We give you a complete guide with information ranging from what to do in Boracay to overviews of Boracay beaches, Boracay resorts and hotels, Boracay water sports, events, how to get there and around and much much more. It’s like your personal online island guide to help you get ready for and plan your trip.

Boracay, the Philippines’ most famous tourist spot, has earned its fame for its scenic white sand beaches, many coves and interesting island culture. It is located roughly 350 kilometers south of Manila. The island is a short distance off the northwestern tip of Panay Island, in the Western Visayas. With over a dozen beaches, several coves and wide hilly landscape on its southern and northern tips, Boracay is certainly an island worth exploring. In this island guide, you can preview what there is about Boracay that makes it the perfect getaway. Get to know the interesting events that occur in Boracay as well as what natural beauties it offers. Learn what vacation packages you can avail of, where the best place to stay is, where to eat, where to shop and what to do with this guide.

What makes this island guide unique is it gives you an objective overview of the place as well as specific information about each spot or activity to get you ready for your trip.