Boracay Tours

Boracay Tours

Boracay tours can be arranged once you get to the island or even before you arrive. If you're wondering what happens when you do get to this beautiful island, tours are a sure way to maximize your time while on vacation. It may sound boring but it's not. This way you'll get to see everything and make sure you don't miss a thing. There is so much to see of this island after all, but you may be pressed for time and torn between outing after outing. Besides, even if you do get to see the sights and places in Boracay, you’re trip won’t be complete unless you also take in its natural wonders, near and far. The problem is easily solved by arranging a simple boat trip that can take you around the island just for a genuine Boracay expedition only for the price of P1500.

It's more fun of course with stopovers at different beaches for drinks, lunch, swimming and snorkeling. Though wind conditions may sometimes make boating on either side of the island risky, both sides of the island has enough beaches, snorkeling areas and scenic views to stop by and have an exciting trip.

From White Beach, for example, a short 15-minute ride will take you to Crystal Cove on Laurel Island, which is found in the channel between Boracay and Caticlan. The water of the small beach where your boat will most likely dock is clear and perfect for taking a relaxing swim in. Be careful though, because the current can also be strong at times. Concrete paths allow you to explore most of the park-like island and enter two small caves where you can view many large concrete sculptures of animals and strange, mythological figures. There are also some rare birds which may also be seen in cages.

Boracay boat tours can be arranged at the front desk of resorts or at the Boracay Tourist Center, Filipino Travel Center desk. You may call at 2883704.

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